Special Projects

We provide consistent and reliable Security and Facility Solutions

Defence Catering Equipments
Khimji Ramdas also provide defence military catering equipment from America, UK and other parts of the globe. Our manufacturer provide portable products and user friendly to our costumers. Mobile and transportable air traffic control towers also mobile towers for use with surveillance and detector equipment, command and observation. Mobile field hospitals and clinics.
18 Litre Insulated Container
24 Hour Ration Packs
Water Purification Unit
Modular Field Kitchen
Trailer Mounted Kitchen FK2000
Special Complimentry Items
We provide the best Medal manufacturers across the world to fulfil all your customization requirements. Our manufacturers have international standard certification recognizing the highest level of quality control and management practices employed. Our goal is to established a streamlined approach to continuous improvement in all major aspects, that mutually aligns the organization and the customers benefits. Khimji Ramdas manufacturers have state-of-the-art machinery and operational excellence drives the whole function in harmony, resulting in high-end medals of varied intricacies.
We are the largest supplier for Ministry Of Defence (MOD) of Energizer Batteries. As we connected with different brand across the world. Beyond power and portable lighting, our goal is to bring positive energy so that you can do, enjoy and accomplish more than you ever expected. We also provide Energizer flashlights, Battery Chargers, supplemental power and other lighting products.
Musical Instruments
Khimji Ramdas is one of the oldest company who provides world best and largest manufacturers of Music Items. We have world best manufacturers from UK, France, Scotland and other part of the world. which provides the best quality and costumer assurance. All these companies can also customized the products according to your need and requirements.
Military Parachutes and Skydiving Equipments
We are in touch with world’s largest in stock inventory companies who provide all of your Parachutes and Skydiving Gear needs, your one-stop shopping SKYDIVING GEAR SUPERSTORE only at Khimji Ramdas Special Projects.
Flagpoles and Flags
Khimji Ramdas has a good relation with different companies across the world which are specialize in producing promotional textile products for outdoor marketing and indoor marketing such as flags, indoor/outdoor banners, street banners, event banners and parasols. Flagpoles come in may shapes and sizes. We divided our flagpoles in three comprehensive groups: • Alufighter budget flagpoles • Conical Alumaster • The first-class Polymaster range.
Military Clothing & Boots
Khimji Ramdas also work with UK, America, Scotland, China, India, Pakistan and many more companies which are one of the oldest still extant in the world who manufacture Buttons and customization buttons according to the needs of our costumer.
Military uniform fabrics
Khimji Ramdas also deals with in standard for Military uniform fabrics (Tartan), with our product poly-viscose and lighter poly-cotton fabrics being used extensively by Military and beyond Our full custom process allows us to create any variation of style to match Military colours and traditional fabrics. A full design service and samples are available by request.
We also connected with different socks companies across the world to provide the best quality to our customers. We mostly deals in providing Socks for Military according to the requirement, mostly we provide Military Socks for boots and Music Band (Parade).
As we are supplier for MOD, ROP and other Militaries for boots in past, We always try our best to provide the best quality in Boots straight away from different parts of the world. We have good contacts who always takes the challenge and provides us the best quality according to our costumer requirement.
Fireworks & Aquatic Event Shows
Fireworks Show
We KHIMJI RAMDAS provide complete range of Fireworks from one of the best in world fireworks company. we are in touch of powerhouse of international fireworks companies, which are the oldest fireworks companies from Italy,France and other parts of the world.
Musical Fountain
Our equipment can fit smaller spaces with 10 meters long musical fountains, and invest the largest areas with a rental capacity of equipment of several hundred meters.
Water Theater
We provide all types of Water Shows in Oman with an unmatched stock of rental equipment, experienced and reactive technical teams, reliable suppliers, Aqua Show develops all the unimaginable water effects with musical fountains, water curtains and can meet all your specific wishes and needs for a private or public event, a local, national or international project.
Drone Show
We can also include the Drones, Laser show to add more excitement in the project and according to the need of our costumer.
Laser Show